Zimbardo Centre in Nikiszowiec was founded by the Local Initiatives Factory Association, which has been working in Nikiszowiec for a couple of years. Having learnt about our activity and the specific character of Nikiszowiec, professor Philip Zimbardo decided to help us create the Centre by bestowing to us his name and his idea of the Everyday Heroes.

The Centre is a place, where young people meet regardless of their social and financial status, their religion and political views. It is an authentic gathering place characterized by openness and readiness to learn the new, but at the same time by remaining loyal to the local traditions. It is where the tension between the local and the global, the modern and the traditional, gives creative strength and inspires change.

The mission of Zimbardo Centre is based on:
HEROISM – I am OK towards myself and towards others;
MOBILITY – I value the change and the search for optimal solutions;
LOCALITY – I rely on the closest resources, traditions and real needs of the local community;
OPENNESS – I am open towards everyone, regardless of their views, social and material status, religion and nationality;
PARTICIPATION – I learn social engagement by being involved in the creation of the Centre’s concept;
DESIGN – I set myself new goals that are beneficial for me and my surroundings;
COMPETENCE – I rely on knowledge and experience exchange to build my own competence.

Zimbardo Centre is located in the very heart of historic Nikiszowiec, a housing estate of very rich traditions. Thanks to its specific cultural and architectural values it has been considered a Monument of History. This exceptional place perfectly suits the concept of creating innovative ideas and searching for solutions, which will constitute a model for other communities in the future.