It will be a place of the youth, where they shall feel hosts from the very first moments” –   many times underlines prof. Philip G.Zimbardo. Indeed for a couple of days the youth with a great energy have been furnishing the Centre. They have been supported by experts, the older colleagues and by us.

Till now, the youth have taken part in the following workshops:

- INTEGRATION, MOTIVATION, LEADERSHIP - led by Agnieszka Skorupa from the Institute of Psychology at the Silesian University who specialized in research of extreme human behaviors; and by Michał Brol - psychologist and political scientist from the Department ofWork Psychologyand Organizational at the Institute of Psychology of the Silesian University, responsible for external relations.

- MONEY, SHOPPING, EXPENSES - led by PhD Łukasz Jach, psychologist and sociologist from the Department of Psychology, Health and Quality of Life at the Institute of Psychology of the Silesian University,

- BECOME A DISAGNER - led by Agata Stokłosa, collaborator of he Local Initiatives Factory Association, specialized in a design of public and private spaces; and by Adama Musielak IKEA’s designer.

After these very intense preparation our youth have chosen furniture and equipment which will arrive in two weeks time! We are so excited!