On April 14 2014 Zimbardo Centre in Nikiszowiec was officially opened. The event was attended by the initiator and patron - Professor Philip Zimbardo. The professor, by tightening the last screw, concluded renovation works which lasted more than half a year.

Waldemar Jan, the president of FIL , thanked all those who contributed to the fact that the most impossible idea could become a reality. Each institution and each person who has supported the Centre was honored by a passport "Friend of Zimbardo Centre", signed by the professor.

Less official part of the opening was held in the afternoon and it was addressed to the local community. At the meeting, among others, Professor gave a lecture "A new generation of heroes of everyday life begins at Nikiszowiec". He referred to his heroic imagination project (HIP), pointing out the need to spread heroic attitudes among young people, understood as a daily attitude of being fair to every human being.

Zimbardo Centre in Nikiszowiec, referring to the concept of the HIP, is based on a few other concepts arising from the specificity of the place. If you would like to find out more about the idea of the Centre please read the section: MISSION.