The very intense beginning of Zimbardo Centre has proven that even the most improbable ideas can turn into reality thanks to systematic work, involvement and cooperation. The first month was full of diverse and original events, some of which will be organized in the Centre on a regular basis.


On Tuesdays at 4 p.m., thanks to the cooperation with “Bard” company, we play RPG (Role Playing Games), board- and card games. At the same time, we began a series of meetings called “The Living Library”. Their objective is “borrowing a Living Book” – in other words – a dialogue with another person. This aims at breaking the stereotypes and prejudices towards a particular group that the „Book” represents. A workshop on this subject was held by Katarzyna Opielka, who is a trainer and the president of the Diversity & Equality Foundation “Contrasts” (Fundacja Różnorodności i Równości “Kontrasty”).

What is more, in a couple of days we kick off a series of meetings devoted to films organized in cooperation with the University of Silesia.


May brought to us a lot of unique events. However, they all had one thing in common: the people who wanted to share their passions with us. And so, we could admire the fascinating and apparently spectacular world of science presented to us by the Experimentors - the Independent Group of Science Promoters ( We also listened to African music performed by a Nigerian soul artist KC Nwokoye. This first concert at Zimbardo Centre commences future music events that will constitute one of the Centre’s core activities.

Moreover, we started screen-print workshops held by graphic studio from Warsaw – the Graphic Florist’s ( as part of Street Art Festival. Some of the forementioned events were also a part of the Night of Museums, as we want the Centre to be involved in the creation and realization of important local events.

Last, but not least, we also shared our own passions with others. We hosted American students invited by the High School of Social Psychology as well as representatives of the German and Polish Culture Association from Frankfurt. Our guests were interested not only in the history of Nikiszowiec or the actions organized by our Association, but also in how such a place as Zimbardo Centre has been created.


Apart from getting familiar with the idea and sharing our passions, there was also time for working on our own development. Together with Junior High School no 14 and the University of Silesia, we have opened a series of workshops devoted to career counseling. The students of the school were able to identify their personal and professional predispositions, which allowed them to think over their high school choice. The meetings were held by students from the University of Silesia who study at the Psychology Department with a specialty of career counseling.

The youth also met up during workshops held by the co-workers of the Regional Voluntary Services Centre and organized as part of the 1st School Volunteers Gathering from Primary and Junior High Schools of the City of Katowice.

And when it seemed that there was nothing going on at the Centre – apparently other, equally important things were happening. Young people were just hanging out together, singing, dancing, talking or doing their homework.


This beginning would not have been that successful had it not been for the involvement of the youth, the volunteers, hotheads and non-governmental organizations and institution Therefore, at this point, we would like to say to all of you: Thank You! Additionally, we would like to thank the youth from the Zimbardo Centre for helping us organize local events outside the Centre – the Neighbour’s Day in Nikiszowiec and in Giszowiec.

It’s time to start another month of work and fantastic inspirations. And at the end of that month and the article – a tiny little fly in the chardonnay. Everyday work at Zimbardo Centre means also thinking about the future and about how to finance forecoming activities and events. This is why, we would like to encourage you to support us if you believe that the Centre is a helpful and needed place.